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Water Features

Stainless Steel Features

We  specialize in stainless steel water feature products that will enhance your garden and pool.

Pool Pro® also provides a service whereby we locate pool spares and will arrange delivery via courier to your area.

This includes Stainless Steel Water Spouts, Wier Features, Bottom Drain Covers and Aimflows.

We do Coping and Composite Wooden Decking, Paving & Surrounds

Add a beautiful finishing touch around your pool with coping installed by the one and only, Pool Pro®.

Pool Coping is not only a stylish way to help protect and preserve your pool, but it must also provide a non-slip surface for you to grip onto when getting in and out of the water.

Pool Pro® are specialists in coping installation, using various materials including composite wooden decking, paving or cementitious coping.

Safety Pool Surrounds

Our safety pool surrounds have previously been installed around small and large domestic pools, hotel and leisure club pools, holiday park pools, lidos and leisure centers.

We have also installed our  safety surfaces around jacuzzis, on boat decks and roof top gardens so whenever and whatever your project is, we have the experience to ensure you get a non-slip floor!

Mosaic Samples For Marbelite And Fiberglass Pools

Ceramic and glass Mosaics are most often used for a marbelite renovation or new marbelite pools.

Standard tissue and digital printed mosaics are strictly for fiberglass pools. You may however, choose to use ceramic or glass mosaics on a fiberglass pool (ceramic mosaics are only suggested if you are willing to take extra care of the state of your water and test the chlorine and acid levels regularly, as there is a risk that if the pH is not watched they will burn off the walls or the acid will eat the grouting away). Monthly chlorine floaters are strictly forbidden if using ceramic or glass mosaic.

Our oldest pool done in 1982 still has ceramic mosaics on fiberglass and looks tired but is still holding out! The owner of this pool has never used anything but granular HTH with no stabilized chlorine ever being added.

Standard Tissue Mosaics

Our standard Tissue Mosaics are normally incorporated into the price of our fiberglass renovation quotes there is a very wide range of these mosaics and their colours do vary from time to time so please keep this in mind when  selecting your colour.

Please place orders 3-4 days before and have a 2nd choice ready in the event your selected colour is not available.

Digital Print Mosaics

Laser Mosaics

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are subject to availability. These mosaics are subject to import and change at any given time, hence the poor sample range on the website. The glass mosaics are consistent with availability, but can be expensive. Try Douglas Jones website for glass choice.

Please note that range is considerably larger than depicted below as the range changes every couple of months.