Types of Pools

Fiberglass Pools

The following is a gallery of fiberglass surfaced pools created or renovated by Pool Pro®.

Fiberglass is a very good renovation option as it is impossible for algae to root itself into the surface, the algae is able to grow on it but all it takes is a good chemical treatment and a vacuum to remove.

Fiberglass is also very hardy product when it comes to staining and 90% of the time a chemical treatment will clear it right up.

The Application process is extremely important.

If the plaster is too fresh or an incorrect or cheaper orthophthalic resin is used, the product will not bind to the walls, giving the surface a bad name (see cheap alternative).


Charcoal Pools

Charcoal or black bottomed pools not only add an air or sophistication to your home, but they also increases the temperature of the water, making this a cost effective way to heat your pool. The dark surface of the pool naturally absorbs heat from the sun, thereby making your pool warmer and more comfortable.

The black bottom is created by coating the pool’s surface with black marbelite, concrete, vinyl or fibreglass.

Note: Charcoal & black fades quickly.


Marbelite Pools

Marbelite has a grainy marble texture and can be unpredictable in its outcome. White Marbelite has a tendency to have yellow or dark grey streaks in the surface.

It is less algae resistant and stains very easily. It has to be applied in a few hours and can’t be applied over two days, as this would result in a slightly uneven surface as there is no time to “work” the surface into a perfect finish using straight edges and other plastering tools.

The surface is troweled free hand with a metal trowel. No pool company will guarantee staining on Marbelite as it is very porous and absorbs dirt very easily, particularly when there is a cover or safety net on the pool as it is difficult to brush with a cover in place.

It is vital to brush daily for the first two months to prevent a buildup of calcium that oozes out the plaster onto the surface of the Marbelite.

This will result in blotchy marks especially on the dark  Marbelite colours like charcoal and mega blue. Marbelite is better suited to new pools as it adheres 100% to new concrete or gunite shell, lasting for over 20 years. When Marbelite is applied to old surfaces on a renovation it tends to last about 8 to 10 years unless properly stripped (which has its risks).


Schools & Hotel Pools

Pool Pro® has built and renovated a number of School, Hotel and Resort pools over the years.

School Pools:

Fairways Primary using Marbelite, St. Katherines using fiberglass, Crossroads School using fiberglass, St Andrews Senderwood repairing the existing fiberglass and Cyrildene Primary replacement of the pumping equipment.

Resort Pools:

Cuisine Island Seychelles, Ledjwe Maletse in Bella Bella. Welgevonden game lodge, Harbourtown clubhouse and many of the private pools in the in the resort at Vall Dam, Misty Bay Vall Dam main pool, Sandhurst towers Block A, Block B Sandton Drive and British Consulate General in Malawi amongst others.

Hotel Pools:

Kwa Maritane Top Pool in fiberglass, Kwa Maritane reception pool in Marbelite, Krugerpark Lodge in fiberglass, Centurion hotel in fiberglass.

Rimflow & Infinity Pools

Please note the Rim edge.

Some pictures have an invisible rim (the tile drops away from the edge) this option needs a bigger catchment tank below the rim and gives a true infinity edge.

The rim tiles that are visible are less likely to over splash the bottom catchment tank but unfortunately give a less spectacular “infinity feel”.

Rock Pools

There are very few companies that still manufacture rock pools, as they tend to break down in the water.

The main cause of failure is too much chlorine in the form of floaters and salt systems, especially in winter, as most people don’t bother testing and tend to visually judge the water clarity. Excessive chlorine eats away at the cement and pigment in the plaster.

Chlorine damage is very difficult to repair once the plaster starts leaking and sometimes the pool will need to be broken apart and redone.

Tiled Pools

These are pictures of fully tiled walls and floor using multi-colour hand made tiles from Peter Kroll (No Longer available). A favourable alternative to the Peter Kroll tiles is cobalt blue or other colour mosaics as depicted in a few pictures below.