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AquaSpec – 60 Day Water Treatment

Pool Pro® is a recognised AquaSpec Distributor.

Enjoy a crystal-clear pool all year round with a hassle-free, metal-free water treatment. AquaSpec is a cost-effective, user-friendly solution that reduces chlorine usage by 75%, and kills green algae, so your pool will not turn green during rain- and thunderstorms.

This amazing product greatly lessens the amount of maintenance work needed. AquaSpec is a two-monthly water treatment that will create a safer, less toxic swimming experience and protects your family, friends or patrons from eczema and allergies caused by harsh chemical water treatment.

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View the results of our work below, in a gallery of before/after pictures.



Chlorine & Copper Stains Removal

 Here is a gallery of some sites that we were called in to rectify. These pools had been either overdosed with chlorine and salt systems or this is a result of questionable, inferior, quick-fix products.

Please note that many of these pools were covered with solar blankets that block UV rays from penetrating the water, allowing chlorine to build up. Covered pools can stain within months of consistent covering and high chlorine exposure. A contributing factor could also be a lack of regular brushing.

If you require a hassle-free chemical that really works, please refer to our bio-degradable copper-free 60 day water treatment by the name of AquaSpec.


Chlorine Stains or Chlorine Burn

Chlorine stains are caused by overdosing of either regular chlorine, monthly floaters in smaller pools of less than 40 000 liters, and salt chlorinators that have not been monitored properly.

The main cause is not testing your water once a week. It is imperative to conduct these weekly pH test to ensure your water is balanced to prevent harm to simmers and will prevent algae from growing. This is as important to your pool as checking your oil is to your car. If you don’t check your oil in the car engine weekly, it will also get damaged and could even seize. TEST, TEST, TEST! We cannot stress enough how many surfaces get damaged from chemical overdosing! The below pictures are just a few cases.

Please note we can reverse staining on fiberglass by dosing the pool with a cocktail of chemicals. Please Contact Us if you recognize your symptoms here.

Even if your salt chlorinator is turned on low in winter or if the pool is covered, it can still make high levels of chlorine which can result in damage to the surface as well as the cell or electrode. The worst cases are pools with a solar cover that block all UV rays from penetrating the water. This can shorten the life of the electrode by up to a year as the chlorine eats away at the coating of the cell. We have seen hundreds of pools that are covered with massive staining – partly from dirt, but mostly from chlorine abuse.

Copper stains

Copper stains caused by pool products using copper as a chlorine saver.

Leak Detection

Trying to locate an underground leak can be seen as costly experience, due to having to dig up large areas to find the exact location of the leak. We are able to alleviate this frustrating and costly experience by using the latest technology.

Our experienced leak detection teams are able to pinpoint the exact location of the underground leak using hydrogen gas detection.

Accuracy of leak detection is up to 80% as gas follows a natural path to the biggest exit point. You may require a follow up consultation, should there be 2 leaks in the same pipe.

Our consultants are available should you have any questions in regards to leak detection. Click here to send us a message.

Cost of a pressure test ranges from R1100 per hour dependent on site inspection.