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Marbelite Pool

  • The day after the marbelite has been applied, a team will arrive to sandpaper and touch up any rough spots and the thousands of tiny hair cracks that may occur from the product drying too quickly, (especially in the summer months).
  • Do not walk in the pool as marbelite stains extremely easily, (it takes about two to three months to harden or cure properly under water.) This period is the most crucial when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the pool. Any dirt left for long periods will absorb into the surface and may result in having to drain and acid wash at extra expense.There is no guarantee against the staining of Marbelite and the more TLC it gets the better the result in the long run.
  • Try avoiding a pool cover or net when the product is new as it is difficult to keep clean and 90% of the time it will stain due to lack of brushing as well as the tendency to overdose when covered.
  • Once the pool is full, phone our office to arrange for someone to come and startup and do the first vacuum treatment. Do not switch off the water over night as it will leave a tide mark. Rather turn the tap on half if you are worried about overfilling the pool. Thereafter, you the client will have to maintain the chemical balance and keep the pool clean.
  • It is generally recommended that automatic pool cleaners (APC) not be used for the first two to three weeks and that you hand vacuum the surface during this time. Having said this, most of my clients have used the APC after one week, as they are too busy to find time to vacuum manually. Remember, the filter needs to be backwashed daily after vacuuming or initial APC use, as there is a white layer of sediment that will harden inside the filter if left for days on end. Backwash daily for the fist three days after using the APC in the first week of use.
  • It is extremely important to brush any areas that the APC misses out, especially the steps, as these areas will stain brown if left unattended.
  • The water is going to be very alkaline for a few months and the test kit will show that you need to add acid all the time. Don’t be alarmed by this as the cement in the marbelite has a very high ph that affects the water balance. Do not try to get the ph right for a month or so, as you will need to add three litres of acid at a time and this will only damage the walls. Just add about one cup of HCL acid weekly on a 60 kl. pool until the readings stabilize.
  • Monthly chlorine floaters and salt systems must be used with caution, especially on the pools that are less than 40kl or those that are covered as too much chlorine can stain the pool surface.( See Chlorine stains on web site home page) We recommend that you don’t use floaters in winter, as this is when the chlorine levels can rise above 3ppm for long periods causing severe permanent staining. We have also found that the floaters get stuck on the stairs and burn brown stains into the surface as well. Remember that stabilized chlorine floaters contain Cyanuric acid that can make the water very acidic and this is usually the cause of red eyes and dry skin in children. It is vital that a test kit is used regularly to avoid guess work.